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Anjelie Mae L. Quiachon Email

Good day!

I am Anjelie Mae L. Quiachon, 22 years of age. I would like to ask what are the reasons why the dump site came about? And what are the possible solution to the environmental issues/ problem brought by the dump site. Thank you and more power!

Björn W: Dear Anjelie,

Your questions would require very long and elaborating replies but I like to give you two short comments:

The dump site was a kind of short term solution to a long term problem - and now the problem is obvious.

The environmental problems related to the dump site can be solved provided there is a real will to do it. (There a many vested interests when it comes to waste handling...)


Good day!

Together with my fellow rotaractors and guest from Hong Kong we would like to ask if you can assist us in Payatas near the dunpsite area.

Our target date is Dec. 28, 2009.

Björn W: Dear Cathy,

I am sorry I can not assist you visiting Payatas. The project is formally finished and I have no direct access to Payatas any more. I hope you can find another way of getting there. Why not try via Quezon City Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department (EPWMD)?

Jacqui Acop 

Thank you for the information in your website. I would like to visit Payatas someday and see for myself the developments that has happened there since the year 2000 tragedy. More power to you and God bless!

Björn W: Dear Jacqui,

Thank you for your kind comment! Well, Payatas is the process of being formally closed, but I believe it will still be "alive" for many years to come.


It´s so impressive. Please continue on. Your work is very important in saving our planet earth. This shows that Filipino´s bayanihan spirit and ingenuity can bring about development and change. Thank you so much.

Björn W: Dear EVP,

Thank you for your kind comments. I would hope that more Filipinos would try to do what Barangay Pinagkaisahan did. As pointed out many times; "If there is a will; there is a way".

chari suson Email

I am inspired by how you manage your solid waste in your community. That's worth emulating. May your efforts ripple throughout the country's numerous barangays...i hope to have the same thing replicated in legaspi city...please send me thru email copies of your posted articles on solid waste management at the barangay level. thank you very much

Björn W: Dear Chari,

Thank you for your kind comments. Regarding articles, I will post any further information on the website - so please log in once in a while and check.

oliver goh Email

Many thanks for the information and current photos.

Best Regards

Björn W: Dear Liver,

Thank you and I hope the information and pictures will be a valuable use for you in your efforts to reduce the Solid Waste problems.


I believe this project has great potential and being as successful as it is, it should be implemented throughout the whole country, of course adapting and modifying the programm so it can be most effective in each barangay.
The approach of actively integrating the community in the program is absolutely admirable. We're teaching them how to take their first steps, but they are the ones who have to do the walking in the future. Children are the future and involving them by educating them right from the beginning is a good initiative.
I believe that Pinagkaisahan should be made "famous" in a way: there should be posters everywhere encouraging people to follow "Pinagkaisahans example". I believe that in doing so maybe the people of this barangay would be proud to keep up their good reputation and indeed continue following your program. Resistance may be lessened and the amount of followers increased.
I wish you luck and loads of success! Keep up the good work!

Björn W: Dear Amy,

Thank you very much for your kind comments. I will soon add some pages about the impressive sustainability of the project. It is very clear that "if there is a will - there is a way".

I do agree with you that the Central Government - or any other body that can shoulder the responsibility - should really use Pinagkaisahan as a good example, but where is the action...???

Unfortunately, I can not personally be engaged in projects like this in the Philippines to the extent I would like to any more since it is very hard to find budgets (which you surely are aware of...) and my company can not subsidize another project of this kind one more time.

I can just wish you the same: Keep up the good work!

Rosaida C. Dulay 

Dear Sir,

My name is Rosaida Dulay from Paete, Laguna. In 2005, my friends and I formed a small club and we called it the $20 Club whose aim is to help our poorest of the poor high school students in their education. To date, we have 200 beneficiaries from the Poten and Eliseo Memorial National High School in the same town. Aside from education, our club also aims to help our community on its various projects. But for us to attain and sustain those projects, we need to have supporting funds and resources.

I would like to ask for your assistance if we can invite resource persons to teach our students how to make those beautiful recycled bags from old newspapers. We have lots of artistic and creative students whose talents can still be enhanced through proper guidance and encouragement. We also want to teach them the value of resourcefullness that would also help minimize trash and garbage by turning them to gold.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Yours truly,
Rosaida C. Dulay

Björn W: Dear Rosaida,

Thank you for your message. I’m sorry but I am far from an expert on how to make nice things from recycled materials.

Normally, I would not let people use this Guestbook for advertising, but since your request is very dear I will leave it here and hopefully somebody else who visits the Guestbook could be of help. Your e-mail is private but I will happily forward any e-mail to you. So please, Visitors, give Rosaida and her friends a helping hand!

wish you good luck with your important work!

Md. Kamruzzaman Palash Email


Dear Sir,

I am Md. Kamruzzaman Palash working as a Project Director with Waste and Environmental Foundation Bangladesh. The organization currently working with Hospital and Clinical Waste Management, Solid Waste Management, Industrial waste management, recycling, composting etc. we have plan for landfill operation.

Now I wish to get training at your institution in this year. Please send me more information about training and Waste management.

No more today. I look forward to get your reply. Eventually wish you good luck.

Thank You,

Md. Kamruzzaman Palash

Waste and Environmental Foundation Bangladesh

Address          :           141,     Dhaka University Market

Katabon, Dhaka – 1000


 – 8802-8622625

 – 01190-257062

E-mail :


Contact Person:         Md. Kamruzzaman Palash

Designation    :           Project Director

Phone              :           8802-8622625

Mobile                        :           01190-257062, 01717-374904

E-mail             : 

Björn W: Dear Palash,

We have been in intensive contact regarding your request but as usual in these cases the funding is the basic problem.

Since Conexor can not subsidize any more projects in this field I can only be of help with recommendations and advice at this moment.

I wish you good luck with your important task!

Allen Email


Howdy! i was searching the web for more info on best practices on Solid waste management which we could also adopt in our barangay. I came across your web and it provided a picture on how we are going to implement our work plan. thanks for sharing and I hope that inquiries in the future with regards to SWM will be answered accordingly.

Björn W: Hello Allen,

Good that you found my website of use for you. Unfortunately, my company can not subsidize another project of this kind, but I can help you with comments, recommendations, and advice to a certain extent.

Good luck with your project!

Albert S. Gundayao Email

I'm a government employee at the Municipality of Sulat, Province of Eastern Samar.

The municipal government of sulat is planning to put up a material recovery facility as our way of managing our solid waste in our town.  Municipal ordinances have been enacted by the Sangguniang Bayan of Sulat such as segregation of bio-degradable and non bio-degradable waste.

In connection to this, can you gave us technical assistance in managing solid waste and for the operationalization of our proposed material recovey facility in our town.

Thank you very much and more power.

Björn W: Dear Albert,

I am very happy to learn about your projects in the field of Solid Waste Management.

As I have mentioned to others asking for support, my company can not subsidize another project of this kind, but I can help you with comments, recommendations, and advice to a certain extent. If there are budgets available for more hands-on work I would happily contribute as much as requested.

Good luck with your project!

joshuan m. mayol 

hi! im joshuan! i am a 2nd year college student and im currently making a study on solid waste management. i just wanna thank you because your website really helped me a lot.

i hope the government would do something more than just what they are doing now because not all people could feel that they are "really" doing something about it. are they? and most of all im praying that people will be alarmed about the solid waste management here para naman hindi sila tapon ng tapon ng mga basura nila anywhere.

Björn W: Dear Joshuan,

Thank you for your kind comments about the web page and I am happy you could benefit from the information on it.

Regarding the actions to reduce the problems with Sold Waste (basura) it is not only a Government issue. Also every single Filipino (and all other citizens of the world as well of course) must do his/her part. Just look how people carelessly throw plastic bags around and then the plastic bags cause clogged waterways with flooding and health threats as results - and then they blame the Government for not doing anything.

I do agree that the actions in general from the Government are far from what should be done - and that is often due to vested interests (or blankly "corruption"). This is a general political problem in the Philippines and probably also the main reason why the country does not develop as well as her neighboring countries - and I don't know how to solve that. Sad to say but it seems to a part of the Filipino culture...

However, there are some lights in the dark and I think if you convince your parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, school mates, etc etc etc to do their small contribution to reduce the Solid Waste problem you have at least taken a small step forward. And many small steps will bring you a long way...!!!

What to do then on the individual level:

* Carry your own bag when you go shopping (just look at these enormous mountains of SM plastic bags around).
* Always put your basura in the proper container for collection.
* Recycle all valuable parts from your waste (bottles, cans, paper, metals, etc) and organize a junk shop to collect it among your neighbors.
There are probably some possibilities to get some limited money for the recyclables, but please don't be too greedy
Unfortunately I have seen many cases where people rather throw their recyclable waste in the creek than giving it away for free. Sad, so sad
* Composting is difficult in the residential areas, but at least you can start a small compost by taking care of fruit skins, vegetables, etc. Food waste like fish and meat will cause problems if not correctly taken care of.

Good luck and continue to be a concerned citizen!!!



I am john s. palacio of bicol region and am into consultancy on waste management in some municipalities and ound your site as a good reference to my system, thank you.

I would like to know if you happen to know a site where i could get songs for jingles that i culd use for hauling trucks or in programs where i planned to infuse in the scheme and as a tool for education.

thanks and God bless

Björn W: Dear John,

Thank you for your nice comments about my website.

Regarding a special website for jingles I do not know. I believe
the best thing is to just search the web and ask others too.

Good luck with your work!

Pastor Jack Wilson Email

Interesting site. I am sure those poor people will be so glad to know they may 1000 p per day. However the figures are off a wee bit. Many can not feed their families every day. No medical attention, clothes, poor shelter, rat infested... Come see my site:

For those who want to buy Philippine products our members are making Bayongs for export. Go here to see:

Many people love to save the whales and the trees. (I happen to be very fond of trees) but hey, what's it matter if we are killing off our people.

Björn W: Dear Pastor Wilson,

Thank you for your appreciating comments.

You are right that the figures on the web site are a bit outdated. I have not been able to continue the project due to the sad fact of lack of continued financing from the Swedish Government and Sida. I proposed an enhanced and geographically widespread continued project to cover various types of Solid Waste Management problems in the Philippines that could work as Best Practice examples in the same way as Pinagkaisahan has done - but regretfully the Swedish Government suddenly changed the policies. There is more information about this on my website.

Maybe a bit cynical comment to the decreased revenues for the scavengers in Payatas is that the recycling schemes that become more and more common in the barangays obviously have been effective...

We discussed the social consequences of an effective recycling in our Final Report.

And finally: I am not so sure that the best way of solving this social disaster is to provide more help to Payatas as such. Providing more help today might in fact just conserve the problem - but that means of course that more people will suffer today. A hopeless circle...

This is a political problem and must be addressed on the political level. Unfortunately, we all know how the political level in the Philippines work - or rather does not work...

A strong organization like yours might achieve even more valuable long-term results if you literally bring the Payatas problem to the Congress. It is geographically rather close...

Normally, I would not leave advertisements in the Guestbook, but I make an exception for your site.

I wish you good luck with your valuable work!

Diana Santos Email

Hi I'm a graduating student doing a thesis study on compost bins and I found your site very, very useful. I do hope it's okay to use this as my reference though. I plan to show the pictures for presentation purposes but I first need your permission to do so.

I'd really appreciate it if you allow me to use the info and pics on your site for my study. Thanks!!

Björn W: Dear Diana,

Thank you for your kind comments about my web site and sorry for late response.

Of course you can use any pictures you like for your studies and reports. However, I would be grateful if you could give the reference to the web site so more people could read and learn from it.

Good luck with your theses. Please send me a copy once it is ready.

Prince Codenera Email

sana magawan pa ng paraan ng pamunuang barangay ng payatas ang sitwasyong ng mga scavenger lalo yung mga bata, sana tuunan nila ng pansin ang pangkabuhayang ng mga kababayan nati para maging maganda ang kanilang kinabukasan.


Björn W: Hello

Well, I could not agree with your more when it comes to hoping that the future of the children of Payatas will become bright! I believe that we all need to put more pressure on all levels of Government to make this happen...

Jayne Jönsson 

Hi Björn,

I was trying to find information on the net about recycling and specifically the famous bazura shop, and came across your site. My colleague and I are planning to open an online shop in Sweden and we're very interested to sell and promote Philippine products.

Would you be kind enough to let us know where we could find (address, contact numer) the cooperative of women making the bazura products out of recycled juice packs? Also, is it possible to book an appointment with you sometime next year?

Meanwhile, we're hoping to hear from you about the bazura cooperative's contact details. Thank you and all the best!

J. Jönsson

Björn W: Dear Jayne,

Sorry to make you disappointed, but I do not easily have any direct contacts with these cooperatives so I recommend you try to search via Internet or other channels.

The business idea might be good - in principle. However, I am a bit hesitant how you could make it work practically - and profitably if you do not intend to run it as a charity. It would surely require at least one person to be in direct contact with the cooperatives to ensure the quality and supply of the products - and that could easily take a significant part of the price you could charge in Sweden. Any orders must not fail...

In addition, please do not underestimate the hassle and costs related with transporting and then exporting products from the Philippines (the Customs are a well-known cave of red tape and corruption). Just my two-cents worth...

I am in Manila off and on so if I am here when you come here we can surely meet.

Good luck!

Wilma Cabandi Email

December 16, 2008


Garbage is a real problem here in Manila.  In our own little way we are educating our students to reduce, reuse, recycle and repair.But, they need to see in actual what is happening to the garbage they are throwing for them to realize the greater effects not only in the environment but also to humanity.  As I search in the Internet of a possible place and program for waste management specifically in Payatas, your site provided me with what I need.  I plan to bring my students (3rd Year High School, about 42 of them) in Payatas this coming January but I don't know anyone in Payatas who could help me.  I hope you can recommend to me what I need to do to really help my students see the reality (garbage problem) and be able to take necessary action and take part in the waste management program in school as well as in their community.  Thank you very for helping our country. I wish for the continued success of your noble endeavor. 

Björn W: Dear Wilma,

Thank you for your encouraging message. I recommend you to contact the head of the Quezon City Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department (EPWMD), Mrs Techie Rentoy at 924 1539. Her Department will be the best one to arrange for the necessary permits and detailed contacts at Payatas.

Unfortunately, there will be no continuation of our successful project since the Swedish Government and Sida decided to reduce (practically stop) all support to the Philippines. Personally I find it sad since the country really needs hands-on, practical examples of Best Practices in the field of Environmental Protection - and as you can see from my homepage and this Guestbook our project obviously was such an example.

Good luck with your ambitions!

Orly Arlando 


Good day! I'm Orly Arlando Brgy Kagawad from Pasig City, our barangay were planning to implement the waste segregation and i read about the project in brgy Pinagkaisahan.  I read about your gimmick on the songs being played.  Can we request for a copy of the Basura shalala cd or it exclusive for the said barangay.

Orly Arlando

Björn W: Dear Orly,

Thank you for your appreciation of the Basura Sha-la-la.

If you give me your address I will send you a couple of copies of the Project CD and you will find both the Tagalog and English version of the jingle there.

Good luck with your project!

joey de leon Email

This is an interesting subject-waste management, recycling etc.

Actually my wife bought a piece of land near payatas dump site from FilInvest, and i can see this dumpsite grow taller & sometimes I can smell the awfull smell of it.

I used to live in smokey mountain before when I'm still young because that is my parents can afford.  

If we can make a solution to stop dumping in payatas and relocate it in areas far from many people it is better for everyone of us in Q.C.


Björn W: Dear Joey

Thank you for your thoughts. The issue of the location of a dumpsite is a typical NIMBY issue (Not In My Back Yard). Since incineration is not allowed in the Philippines (Clean Air Act) - and is probably not practical elsewhere than in the real big cities (Metro Manila and Cebu) I assume the garbage and dumpsite issues will go on and on...

lyn yu Email

   I'm a scraper and a junkshop owner at the same time..i'm really interested in solid waste management ever since.That's why I'm so happy when i found your site and have read all in it.
   Maybe your the one who can help me how to start and operate a SWM...
   Actually, i'm the elected president of our subdivision for almost a year, my problem is how can i control the growth of grass (talahib) in our place,which almost covered the whole subdivision...maybe you have some suggestion on how can it be useful for us or how we can get rid of it..
   For a starter like me, Is there any other way or method on how we can compost those  kitchen waste and other biodegradable waste without those expensive equipments ?
    please mail me some ideas so i cn start a SWM in our area..It would be a great help to me.And I will highly appreciate if you will grant my request..

Thanks and more power....Good luck and God Bless......

laura bracken Email

hi there!

my name is laura, i am an arts/film student from melbourne, australia.

i wasn't sure how else to contact you, but i am coming to the philippines in september to film a documentary, with a particular focus on the payatas community and the smokey mountain community in cebu.

my hope is to raise awareness and support for the people working with the communities there through this doco,

would it be possible to talk to you about your vision, or would i be able to have contacts with others who are making a difference there as well to help gain support over here in australia?

i would love to help and serve in any way i can


Björn W: Dear Laura,

Thank you for contacting me via my company's homepage. The interest for the homepage in general and for the Payatas parts in particular seems to be constantly increasing. This shows, I believe, that the Solid Waste Management situation in the Philippines is a crucial issue.

You are most welcome to contact me. Please inform me as soon as possible about your detailed plans since I am doing quite a lot of traveling.

I surely have some facts; a lot of opinions; and some visions regarding the situation. In addition I want to - already at this stage of your work – make it clear to you that you can not see Payatas as non-related to the general, economic, social, and political situation in the country.

Good luck with your documentary!

Engr. Jose Alfonso V. Bariso Email


  I am impressed with the success of the Brgy. Pinagkaisahan project- a project so timely when everyone now are alarmed of the climate change and other environment problems particularly in our country- the philippines.

  I've read in several comments and was informed  that the company had terminated funding similar projects in the philippines and I'm saddened by the fact that sometimes  THE DECIDING FACTOR IS MOSTLY FUND AVAILABILITY INSTEAD OF THE GOOD EFFECTS IT CONTRIBUTE TO MANKIND..

  I'm currently a Brgy. Chairman of  Barangay 58, Buraguis, Legazpi City and we are planning to launch a comprehensive solid waste management program on a barangay-level and we are inspired by the success and best practises of Brgy. Pinagkaisahan project.

  My only request is that if you have other pertinent papers or references that we can refer into, we will appreciate it very much.. Kindly be generous enough to extend referrals that we can probably keep in-touch to further enrich our knowledge on this aspect.

  Thank you.

Björn W: Dear Mr Bariso,

Thank you for your kind comments about our project.

Regarding the termination of the funding it is a decision by the Swedish Government and not by my company Conexor. Conexor would certainly had liked to continue providing good Best Practice examples in the field of SWM for the benefit of others to learn from, but it is now impossible unless other donors are prepared to raise the necessary funds. I am sure you appreciate that Conexor can not subsidize another project in the same way as I did in Pinagkaisahan.

Regarding your comment about funds vs good contribution to mankind I could not agree with you more. The political problems in the Philippines are unfortunately another example of how short term vested interests ruin most of the potentially good development in the country.

Regarding pertinent papers for your upcoming SWM project in Legazpi I believe the various reports and presentations from the Pinagkaisahan project could be of some help. Please find them on Conexor’s webpage describing the project.

I will be around in the Philippines off and on and I would try to help you as much as possible.

Good luck with your project!

Ma. Luisa C. Segovia 

I am the co-chairperson of the Iloilo City Solid Waste Management Board under Ho. Jerry P. Treñas. I saw on TV 2 days ago about the social development component of the reclaimers in payatas and their recent recognition.  May we read about the payatas story pertinent to SDC ?

We have no intention of duplicating products but what we need is pass on to the reclaimers success stories.


Björn W: Dear Ma Luisa,

Thank you for your post. Naturally you can use as much of the information on Conexor's website as you like. The only thing I request is that you refer to Conexor's website.

If you want to "duplicate products" please feel free; the fundamental purpose of the project was to show that it is possible to achieve results provided that you are really committed and dedicated...

I am sorry I can not provide any free services beyond this since the project has been a financial failure for Conexor. Sida has refused to pay the outstanding invoice. The reason is that the project was delayed - but how can you achieve results like this in the Philippines without a lot of time spent...?

Good luck with your Solid Waste Management Project!

wendy Email

hi there. Thanks soo much for this inspiring and informative article! I wrote something about Payatas on my blog
I linked your site to my post. and I hope you don't mind I borrowed one of the pictures. May you continue in this good work and God bless!


Björn W: Dear Wendy,

Thank you for your kind comments. Naturally you are most welcome to use pictures from my website - but I would be happy if you also provide a link to the site. The more viewers the more the message of problems but also successful ways of improving the situation can be spread around - like in Pinagkaisahan.

Unfortunately, I can not personally contribute more to the improvement of Solid Waste Management in the Philippines. It is impossible for a one-man consultancy company to provide free services, equipment, and monetary encouragement to hard-working people that are really trying to improve the situation like they are doing in Pinagkaisahan - and then not get fully paid from the financier (in this case Sida).

I hope people like you can do something to improve not only the situation at Payatas, but generally in Philippines. The needs are endless - and we all know the reasons...
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