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Jesus Zaragoza Email

I love the way you guys have make people and government see and phase the fact that there is a problem with garbage and waist disposal in general, keep up the good work it is encouraging, cheers!

pk santa maria 

A very worthy endeavor for all involved, congratulations and thank you for giving mother earth time to breath.  Our homeowners Association is planning on starting a project like this and would really appreciate any help in starting. Consultation and Seminars will be of great help, I just need to know people with real knowledge about this to help us start our program; honorarium might be available depending on the support of the board of directors......THANK YOU AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

where can I get permission to use some of their pictures, datas and etc on this study

Ruby Rivero 

We have plans to pattern our SWM on the success story of Brgy Pingakaisahan and will appreciate your invaluable assistance in scheduling a study tour and orientation of key municipal officials this August 2012.  Any information on how to make this a reality will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and more power to the great people behind this project!

Eng. Nicholas Nyariki Email

This is wonderful work and achievement. I have just been assigned to head head solidwaste management in the Ministry of Local Government. I am looking for where start.  I now know where to start. I shall keep you posted on my porgress.

Eng. Nicholas Nyariki


First of all I would like to congratulate your Barangay for such a great job, an inspiration and a model to every Barangay.  

We, from Barangay in Pasay would like to visit your Eco-Center and learn more about your project  could we ask an appointment or we can visit your center anytime?

Thank you very much and more power!

Bjorn W: Dear Douglas

Sorry for my late response, but I have been travelling and did not check my Guest Book until now.

Thank you for your kind comments about our project. Regretfully, I am personally not actively involved in the project any more due to Swedish Government's and Sida's decision not to support any more projects in the Phlippines.

However, I recommend you contact Ms Vivian Quitiquit at

Vivian has been the real driving force behind the success of the Eco Center.

I wish you good luck with your project as well.
Best regards
Bjorn W



Hi , I'd used some photo from our work in Estonia to my, after 2 years waiting, new web-page.I hope you know all the story, whats changed ( and not changed ) with my work and FDS Mätteknik. In exchange for the photo I put a link to your page.

All the best. Anders.

marvin Email

its really amaze on how they manage their solid waste, but may i  used the area for my thesis? the process on how they manage the solid waste is great, thru my thesis idea i just want to improve and develop the area in much more effective and become a high tech solid waste which is to be the first ever in Philippines solid waste management not only to manage waste but to be productivity that benefit for everybody.


We would like to present some of your photos in church in line with our Season of Creation 2011 how garbage affects our lives. How can I get access. Thank you.

amelita ramos reyes 

Comments: amazing..congratulations to the doers and the followers of brgy pinagkaisahan,qc...
im a doctor , and so interested with this project...hope you can help me..especially on how and where to buy the shredder and the drum used for decomposing...or on how to make it hence we also have available drum here in our place...
do i have to attend to workshop or seminars first...i just want to start the project in our PUROK..then later to the whole barangay...pls help..

Rosario Belmi Email

Hi congratulations for a job well done I was inspired by your program and hopes to duplicate your composting activity here in our school.  How can I get help particularly in the aspect of making composting drums?

Thank you and more power

luz dg. galang Email

HI! I read the write-up and saw the photos regarding your zeo waste management program.  I am from TESDA and we are celebrating our 17th TESDA anniversary this August 2011 with a theme which is related to health, wellness and environment friendly programs.  We shall be offering free technology and livelihood seminars in August.  In this regard, I would like to know if you can schedule for us a FREE seminar on zero waste management  on August 18, 2011 from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. to be conducted in our TTCTCE Multi-Purpose Hall, Building 7, TESDA Complex, Taguig City.

If ok, may we know who is the Resource Person because we shall include it in our list of free technology seminars and submit the name to the committee-in-charge. 

On our part, we shall be providing the snacks, token and certificate of appreciation.

Thank you and i hope to receive a favorable reply from you soonest.  Thanks and God bless.

luz dg. galang

John Email

I'm from Southafrica, visited the Philippines in April and would like to go back there.  I wonder if there could be a demand for recycling rubbish which collects on some Philippine beaches in the poorer areas. I would love to see those beaches cleaned up and the rubbish re-used in some useful way!  Maybe I wouldn't mind getting involved myself if I'm there. Maybe it could be the start of something great!


Mary Ann M. Hidalgo 

May I use some pictures? Is it possible how would i know its permitted?

Thank you

Mary Ann M. Hidalgo 

This is a good effort and may it continue its work.

Ahabwe Hussein Email

We have appreciated all work done for the society and your country
Am from Africa a Ugandan by nationality i work in a private company called Great Waste & Recycling Foundation, i work as a revenue collector and as supervisor at the same time, the problem we are facing is one we lack of training. We need your assistance in all ways. [for any company or organization ready to assist contact us on: tel. +256751087193 mobile.+256701316424] Thanks 

Eljay Godinez 


I am in charge of the solid waste management of our school here in Quezon City.  I would like to ask if you could recommend an ecology song other than the 3R Song.  We use the said song to signal students to start picking trash.  I've read in the guest book that you have Basura Sha-la-la CD.  Where can I access the audio?  Another thing, may I have the contact details of Brgy Pinagkaisahan? I'm very much interested about their program.
Lastly, thank you for your genuine concern for our country... Sadly, not everyone here has the same sentiments as you. 

May your tribe increase! God bless!

linda isla 

I am helping a barangay in Aroroy Masbate to come up with a waste management program for their barangay and the barangay officials wanted to actually see how it is being done in a successful area. I am trying to arrange a study tour for them this coming Nov or Dec. may I know who can I get in touch with for the arrangements of their visit to Pinagkaisahan or Payatas. Thank you and looking forward to your immediate response.    

sheila de guzman 

hello....muzta fr lamao, bataan..i want to know kung san me pwede humingi ng tulong about solid waste management we are conducting seminar about that issue  and we are planning to have that  project...please contact me as soon as possible...thank you...this is my contact number...09087103427

Aaron Lecciones 

This is revealing, I am writing this around 7 years from the start and 3 years from the start of the end of the project.

300 a day or about 1000 a day per family is quite a lot at 2003 prices.  They might actually earn more than a regular person worker in a CBD, since like what the study said cost of living is high, the trade off though is the trash - their work is dirty and the quality of living is low.

Revealing... thank you for this information. It has educated me.

von edward fajardo 

i need some info because i have presentation tomorrow...what are the new accomplish projects of solid waste management? and how much is the fund of the solid waste management this year?
tnx poh!
pls i need your answer now....tnx a lot....

Nancy Ramos Email

Hi good morning I am a DPA candidate for graduation. I hve taken my comprehensive exam. I'm interested in the Esolid waste management topic.

I am planning to do some research works. Can you extend me some documents/info? whom will I get in touch?

Thank you.

Engr Nancy Ramos


Dear Conexor,

     First of all, My great full thanks on your achievement... is not only a godly act  on our Mother Earth, but also a help to our fellow citizens especially in Quezon City. It's not only to beautify but to save our only planet. Once again Thank You Very Much.. I'm an advocate of Mother Earth since grade school. But what can a little girl can do for her environment is only to influence other on her good deeds. As I grew up, I still want to meet people/ agencies/ advocates etc., with the same philosophy of mine. If may request your prestigious group to become a link to what I am doing, would be a great help... included in this letter my email add for your reference when you wish to respond..

Thank you and More Power!!!

Ms. Bette Durano Mutuc

Al-shalyn L. Mansan 


I am Al-Shalyn Mansan, a sophore in Ateneo de Zamboanga University - School of Medicine. I had the privilege of reading about your numerous projects, one of which was the one done in Pinagkaisahan, Quezon City. This aroused my curiosity and interest immensely.

As of the moment, our school is deeply involved in community development. In fact, we medical students are sent to far flung areas to adopt a community (our batch was sent in Mutia, Zamboanga del Norte) and make it our own. This community shall be our target for community development, not only in terms of health but in all aspects. As future doctors, our school inculcates in us the concept of social responsibility and accountability.

We've just recently came from our community, Mutia ZDN and identified a list of health problems, one of which is poor environmental sanitation as a result of poor waste disposal to name a few. It is in this light that I am wondering if the project launched in Pinagkaisahan, Quezon City can be done in 6th class municipality such as Mutia Zamboanga del Norte? If so, how can we start? 

i look forward to your response. thank you so much. 

Beu Love 

Thank you for the information here. Very helpful for us as we are preparing to do mission work in the communities there in Payatas.

Many thanks again!

Bjorn W: Dear Beu Love

Thank you for your kind comments. I wish you good luck with your project.

If you will provide some kind of report, web page, or anything that could be of general interest, please let me know. I will then make a link from my homepage so everyone can benefit from it.

Benjie Senires Email

I live in Annex 45 Subdivision in Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Our small subdivision is composed of about 120 middle-income households. I would like very much to get more information on how we can start a solid waste management project that our youth can handle by themselves.

We want to drive pot-agriculture/horticulture per house with fertilizers that can be produced from the project. We'd also want to earn extra income from recyclables which we will use to improve some of the subdivision facilities for children especially.

Our challenge is that the small lot that can be used for this purpose is too close to the living area and the subdivision's social area. Such that anything that looks and smells bad will definitely be opposed by our seniors.

I hope you can help us.


Bjorn W: Dear Benjie

Thank you for your e-mail. I really appreciate that you and your friends try to do something about the Solid Waste Problems in your sub-division. Unfortunately, I think you are right when you fear that the “seniors” in your area will oppose anything that looks or smells bad. Unfortunately again, the seniors far too often don’t understand how serious the environmental problems are in the Philippines. They believe it is just “business as usual” – and the consequences will be borne by your generation.

I would naturally like to help you, but I hope you also understand that it is impossible for me to help everyone that needs help; just read further down in this Guest Book and you will see. I subsidized the project in Pinagkaisahan to a large extent and I cannot do that again.

To drive pot-agriculture/horticulture per house with fertilizers that can be produced from your project is a complicated challenge since it includes composting – and composting that is not very well managed will cause foul smell; and then your project will be “dead”. Small scale composting in the backyard of each house might be possible but still needs to be very carefully monitored.

To be a bit positive, I hope you can convince the “seniors” about the necessity to at least recycle as much as possible of the Solid Waste in your subdivision – and you can perhaps collect it and then sell it to junk dealers on a larger scale at better prices. Then use the revenues to do something “green” in your sub-division.

It will take a very long time to develop a real understanding for the need for Environmental  Protection in this country. Just listen to the candidates for the election in May. Is any of them really interested and committed to doing something to improve the situation? This might be an area where you and your friends really can make a difference. Ask the candidates what they really intend to do!

Please do not hesitate to write back to me again.

GOOD LUCK with your project!

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